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The South Beach Sound Healing Orchestra is an outgrowth of the Miami Sound Institute which provides Sound Healing Courses and trainings. The Orchestra started out as a weekly practicum that provided students an opportunity to not only serve the community, but also apply what they were learning in their training to a real world environment. The sessions became so powerful for participants and the word quickly got out around Miami and soon requests for this unique sound healing experience came flooding in, prompting the official formation of the South Beach Sound Healing Orchestra which has since been providing unique and profound Sound Healing Experiences throughout. Since its inception over 6000 participants have enjoyed a Sound healing Experience by the South Beach Sound Healing Orchestra. Currently the Orchestra produces large sound healing events & festivals throughout South Florida on a regular basis. You can find them every Friday morning at 7:30am on South Beach between 2nd & 3rd street and every Full Moon at Faena Hotel. For booking Click Here

"This is an incredible group of dedicated Sound Healing Practitioners who are providing a unique and invaluable service to the South Florida community by offering experiences that help people relax and heal from the stress and pressure of living a modern-day high tech and fast-paced life-style. This is the present and future of preventative health & self-care."

Jared Bistrong Director of  SOBE SHO

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