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Educational Philosophy
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About The Founder & Director, Jared Bistrong

      Jared Bistrong is one of seven children born and raised in Miami. His family are descendants of the original “Conchs” (the earliest Florida settlers) who emigrated to Key West from the Bahamas in the early 1800's. Jared has been facilitating unique and profound  sound healing experiences for the last 25 years. He crafts his own Didgeridoos, shakers and flutes out of native palm trees and bamboo and his workshops have been featured all over the world. As a college professor, multi-instrumentalist and sound healer, he has been on the forefront of sound healing exploration since the late 1990’s. A master facilitator, his workshops are playful and interactive and provide a profound vibrational sound experience that transforms and energizes participants. He is the director of the The South Beach Sound Healing Orchestra which produces large scale sound healing events and doubles as the vehicle for the MSI apprenticeship program. 

      Jared's interest in alternative health therapies began after losing his Mother to cancer in the mid 1990's. 20 years later in 2014, he would lose his older brother again to cancer. At this time he realized it was time to bring his 20 years of sound healing experience to the forefront, and began hosting more group sound healing events in hopes of bringing awareness to alternative therapies that effectively address issues where western medicine seems to fall short. In 2019 mass interest begin to build in the Sound Healing field. He partnered with Modern ŌM and be began designing and teaching sound healing courses and certification programs and has had over 50 students go through his programs. Jared has partnered with groups at health centers, hotels & spas, wellness retreats, schools, cancer and drug recovery centers, and corporate wellness programs. Through the Miami Sound Institute, his goal is to expand and integrate alternative wellness practices into everyday peoples' lives, work places, communities and educational centers.

The MSI uses an experiential learning model based on a series of self-cultivation practices surrounding breath, movement and sound. Jared Bistrong, who is currently an Instructional Designer at Barry University has devised a learning system that combines 25 years of real world sound healing experience with 25 years of designing experiential curriculum and learning systems at the elementary, high school and college level. MSI's learning system is student centered and is the perfect blend of practice, theory, and science. All students gain immediate access to the apprenticeship program by joining live sound healing events with The South Beach Sound Healing Orchestra. This unique learning & teaching approach helps individuals and groups, no matter what their background, develop their own sound healing practice that mirrors their own needs, talents and lifestyles.

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